The creation of an Apostille or sealing of a document is one of the easiest ways to legalize a document. 

For someone who needs an apostille the biggest difficulty is to clarify which steps are to take and in what order. Often people create a little chaos of words in their heads. Words like:

  • Apostille
  • Translation
  • Notarized translation copy
  • Legalization
  • Translation of an Apostille
  • Apostille on a translation

and much more.

If someone is inexperienced, he has considerable problems to understand, when something is necessary and for what. You start to get nervous, because you have already lost time, expended costs, without any result. The authority doesn’t accept the documents.

Your head is spinning? You already ran from pillar to post?
The most important in such situation: to obtain as much information about the requirements of the Authority, in which you intend to submit your documents.

And another thing: use the advice of professionals.

However, that's not so easy too. Because not in every translation agency is waiting an experienced expert for you, that is ready to help!

We also provide services of written translation with notarial certification.

You can count on our help. 
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